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        Highlighted in Science Magazine as an Editor's choice


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       Generated international attention, including The New York Times, Slate's The Gist, NBC news, ABC news, The Telgraph, BBC, Fortune, Daily        Mail, Mother Jones, Jezebel,, Science Daily, AZ central, and dozens of international radio shows, blogs, and news postings  


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    Commentary: ASU Now link


    Commentary: ASU Center for Evolution and Medicine link


    Generated national media attention, including in Scientific American




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    Featured in 2017 JMBE Spotlight Issue


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      Highlighted in Science Magazine as an Editor's Choice for Education


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      Commentary: Portland State news link


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      Highlighted on the CUREnet website link


      Featured in 2015 CBE LSE Highlights issue link


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2013 and earlier


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    Featured in National Research Council report "Reaching Students"    


    Featured in the 2013 Highlights issue of CBE-LSE


    Finalist for Maryellen Weimer Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning Award, 2014


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